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Nashat Latib, DO, FACEP

Dr. Nashat Latib is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician with 15+ years of clinical experience. She is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and has been an expert panelist for the Texas Medical Board for more than 10 years. She completed her medical degree at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine followed by a residency in Emergency Medicine at the Albert Einstein Jacobi-Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY.  She has practiced in a variety of hospital settings ranging from county hospitals to small suburban and community hospitals.  Currently, she is the Associate Director of Cypress Emergency Associates and oversees a private group of 25 physicians serving 4 emergency departments in northwest Houston.


In addition to being on the front line of acute illness for most of her career, Dr. Latib has always had a passion for health, wellness, and the movement towards preventive medicine.  She has witnessed, first-hand, the need for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare.  Her practice philosophy employs the benefits of traditional medicine while also embracing its limitations.  Dr. Latib has spent much of her free time over the course of her career studying functional medicine and integrative health while applying those practices to her life and with her patients in the ER daily.  She has received her functional medicine training through the prestigious Institute of Functional Medicine, Institute for Integrative Women’s Health, as well as a mentorship with The Kalish Institute.  She is passionate about creating a movement away from a sick-care model of medicine and towards one where disease is reversed and/or prevented. Her goal is to make her clients feel and look their best through lifestyle modifications, movement, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, and the strategic implementation of natural supplements.  Her evidence-based approach is aimed at re-igniting the body’s innate ability to heal itself and creating optimal conditions for health!


After moving to Houston in 2009, Dr. Latib soon discovered that she had a benign congenital tumor in her hip that required emergency surgery and the placement of a titanium rod down the length of her femur. She was on crutches and unable to bear weight on her leg when she discovered the Define Body and Mind approach to movement.  She stepped into Define’s first location in Houston back in October 2009 and never looked back. Not only was she able to gain her strength back and rebuild atrophic muscle with low impact exercises, but was able to get off crutches sooner than anticipated. Since then, the Define method has supported her through both singleton and twin pregnancies as well as helped her stay centered, mindful, and rooted in an AMAZING community through which she has made some of her closest friends.


The fusion of the Define philosophy developed by Henry Richardson and Dr. Latib’s passion for functional medicine form a natural symbiotic partnership.  Define Health is the culmination of all elements of wellness. It is a guided journey to give clients a bird’s eye view of their life. The result? CLARITY.…along with a detailed personalized plan that will meet clients where they are now and carry them through to where they dream of being…all at their own pace.

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Tina Hills, DO

Dr. Tina Hills is Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician with over 14 years of front-line, clinical experience. She received her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology from University of Arizona and Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from University of Phoenix all while working as a personal trainer and competing as a world-class powerlifter. She set six World, 32 national and over one hundred state records during her competitive years. It was during this time she learned first hand the body has an innate ability to heal itself if given the right conditions. After working in the tech industry for a short time, she could not ignore the desire to help others and returned to her original path of medicine. 


Dr. Hills earned an Army scholarship and returned to school to obtain her medical degree from Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. She relocated to Ft. Hood, Texas after medical school to complete a military residency in Emergency Medicine and 11 years of active duty as an ER physician. Her experiences treating sickness have highlighted the desire to help others achieve and maintain health. Dr. Hills combines the forces of osteopathic manipulation and functional medicine to help guide each client to their full potential of health, wellness and fitness.

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